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Deh Jam Chakro is a vast and hellish 500 acres of landfill an hour and a half outside of Karachi, Pakistan’s metropolis. This project was undertaken while at the White Star photo agency.

The landfill site is a mismanaged dumping ground for the provincial Government and a stable source of livelihood for the small settlement of 2000 families unfortunate enough to be situated right behind the landfill. The solid waste contains vegetable matter, animal manure, kitchen waste, plastic bags, waste paper, packing material, metallic pieces, broken porcelain, and other organic refuse. Everyone I met there was quiet and suspicious, their bodies ravaged by the poisonous smoke that hung heavy in the air

dog on approach to deh jam chakro workers take a break from sifting through landfill truck wiht garbage from the city arrives man sifting through garbage to find metal bits one of many dogs in the landfill dog and cow fight over food found in garbage boy carries metal bits to sell in neighbouring town women and children join their men for lunch local children play circket a torn pakistani flag flutters in the wind
Mother and child